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How it works

Creating your financing project as a company

Data collection

Enter your company, financial and project details. Upload the documents the lenders need to assess your financing request, and add an informative description.

The same applies if you are an advisor creating a financing project on behalf of your clients.

Starting the search for financing as a company

Creating a financing project

As soon as the financing project is created and released by our support team, lenders can see your anonymous financing request on FINPOINT.

After entering your financial data and uploading relevant documents, our platform will find the most suitable lender(s) that matches your borrowing requirement. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your request anonymous.

Communicate and negotiate with lenders as a company

Communication and negotiation

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Anonymity lifted
  • Direct contact

Interested lenders must first accept our non-disclosure agreement.

You are then informed about the lender’s interest and decide whether to share your (or your client’s) company data, share further project details and make direct contact.

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