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How it works for lenders

Before you can make a financing offer to small and medium-sized companies via FINPOINT, we would like to ask you a few questions. Simply call us or leave us a message and we’ll be happy to call you back.

The purpose of the direct initial contact is to verify lenders. As soon as this verification process is completed, we will send you an email with a validation link. Click on the link, view the profile which has already been created for you by our support team, complete the missing information and set a password.

You have three options to make initial contact with us:
+44 (0) 20 3096 2639

The Listing Board for lenders

Your account has now been set up and you have access to our Listing Board. This is an initially anonymous list of all submitted financing projects and their key data. Enter personal filter criteria to configure this list to your needs and see only those results that meet your preferences.

From these filter results you can indicate your interest in suitable financing projects. At this point, you have to accept our non-disclosure agreement (NDA), because if the company accepts your indication of interest, you have full access to their contact, company and financial details, as well as uploaded documents.

FINPOINT lets you invite colleagues or employees. You can invite them by email from the FINPOINT platform itself. Your colleague receives a validation link, sets a password and then has the same options that are available to you.

Inviting an employee as a lender