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Costs and benefits

FINPOINT offers benefits to every platform user:


Companies prepare their financing project documents just once and upload them to the FINPOINT platform, on a protected basis initially. The financing project is only presented to lenders once our support team has reviewed and released it. However, even then not all data is visible to everyone as it is still shown in an anonymous and brief version. The lenders then have the chance to indicate their initial interest in the financing project. After the lender has accepted a non-disclosure agreement and the company agrees to take up in-depth discussions, the two parties can contact one another directly. From then on, all the information on the financing project, including uploaded documents, are visible to that lender.

Benefits for companies:

  • No cold calls to potential lenders
  • No tedious appointment-making
  • No preparing multiple project documents
  • You only deal with lenders who have indicated initial interest in providing the required facility


The FINPOINT platform provides an easy-to-use, additional sales instrument that allows advisors to create financing projects on the platform on behalf of their clients, opening it out to a large, if necessary international, range of potential lenders.

Benefits for advisors:

  • Make it easy and convenient for your clients when it comes to selecting the right financing partner
  • Support your client in presenting the right information in a professional way


The benefit for lenders is getting a clear overview of financing projects from their desktop. Individual filter settings refine the hit results. The lenders decide who to contact.

Benefits for lenders:

  • Free and efficient sales channel
  • Filter system for personal criteria
  • Save time in finding the right financing projects
  • Meaningful data and documents at a glance

FINPOINT has a clear, easy-to-follow fee structure.

For companies and advisors, the use of the platform is completely free.

The use of the platform is also free of charge to lenders. A fee only becomes due in successfully completed cases; where 1% of the arranged price is charged for loans, 2% for intermediated mezzanine capital and 3% for equity.